How Can I Share Widget Content on Social Media?


  • I would like to share blogs, web content, and other asset-based widgets on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.


  • DXP 7.2
  • DXP 7.1
  • DXP 7.0


Sharing widget content on social media can be done in two ways, either by using the social bookmarks option to share content directly to other sites, or by embedding widgets directly in other sites.

  • To use the Social Bookmarks feature:
  1. Navigate to the widget Options () -> Configuration -> Setup 
  2. Select the social bookmarks from the list
  3. Save configuration settings


  • To embed widgets in other sites:
  1. Navigate to the widget Options (kebab menu) -> Configuration -> Sharing
  2. Copy the JavaScript snippet into the website where you would like to display the widget OR use the specific tabs for Facebook, Opensocial Gadget, or Netvibes


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