Checking the different fixes between two hotfixes


  • We have two hotfixes and we would like to know the difference between them
  • How can we check the common and different fixes within those hotfixes?


  • Liferay Portal 6.2
  • Liferay DXP 7.0+


  • Run a diff tool against the fixpack_documentation.xml files in those hotfixes and check the <fixed-issues> part
  • Or use Patching Tool:
    1. Get a Patching tool
    2. Put the first hotfix in the 'Patches' folder
    3. Run the patching tool's store add 1 command, this will create a folder called '1' with the content of the hotfix
    4. Delete the hotfix from the 'Patches' folder
    5. Put the second hotfix in the 'Patches' folder
    6. Run the patching tool's store add 2 command, this will create a folder called '2' with the content of that hotfix
    7. Then run the patching tool's diff fixed-issues 1 2 command and it will list all the fixes that are common and different in those hotfixes

Additional Information

  •  Please note that Liferay 6.2 hotfixes usually contain the official fix pack in them, therefore you'll see more fixes compared to the DXP ones
  • For more information please check Method to diff two Liferay Fix Packs


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