Configuring Liferay's LDAP Settings to Import Users in DXP 7.3

This article shows how to setup Liferay DXP 7.3 to import users from an LDAP server through the graphical user interface.

The steps are the basically the same as for earlier versions of Liferay, but the UI options have changed in DXP 7.3.


  • Liferay DXP 7.3


  1. To enter the LDAP settings, go to: Control Panel > Instance Settings > Security > LDAP.


  2. Select Servers and click on Add to add an LDAP Server.
  3. Enter the name of the LDAP Server at the top.

    There is a radio button list of default choices; clicking these will help fill out the default values.


  4. Click Test LDAP Connection to validate. You should get the message below.

  5. Click Test LDAP Users. It should list out all the available users in the AD as below:

  6. For Import related configurations you need to select the option "Import" from the left-hand side menu:

  7. If you do not check the Enable Import option, the user import will happen when any user tries to login for the very first time. If you do check the Enable Import option, the application checks at some defined interval for any new entry in the LDAP server and imports them, if any. This interval depends upon the value provided in the text box "Import Interval". By default, the text box has the value 10, which means Liferay will check the LDAP server for any new entries every 10 minutes. 
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