Renamed Liferay Enterprise Search apps and how it impacts installations

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Summary of Changes

As of September 24, 2020, the Liferay Enterprise Search (LES) applications are distributed under the following names:

Old App Name New App Name
Liferay Connector to Elasticsearch Learning to Rank Liferay Enterprise Search Learning to Rank
Liferay Connector to X-Pack Monitoring
[Elastic Stack 6.x]
Liferay Enterprise Search Monitoring
Liferay Connector to X-Pack Security
[Elastic Stack 6.x]
Liferay Enterprise Search Security


The official documentation on Help Center and Liferay Learn will reflect this change shortly after the renaming is completed.

Impact to New Installations (DXP 7.0-7.3)

There is no impact to new installations. The Customer Portal downloads page provides the app LPKG files with the new names.

Impact to Existing Installations (DXP 7.0-7.2)

The Customer Portal downloads page provides the app LPKG files with the new names.

Important: Before installing a new version of a LES app or re-deploying the renamed app of the same version (including Hotfix LPKGs received from Liferay Support), the currently installed app must be uninstalled from the system and the corresponding LPKG file(s) under [Liferay Home]/osgi/marketplace must be deleted to avoid running two instances of the same applications.

If both the old and new app LPKGs are installed problems can arise on startup. For example, if the old LPKG is processed after the new one it will take precedence and the module(s) from the new app LPKG won't be activated.


  1. Uninstall and remove the old LPKG from your system
  2. Download the app (now with the new name) and deploy it

Configurations (System Settings, .config files) are not affected so no other updates are needed.

Elastic, Elasticsearch, and X-Pack are trademarks of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

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