Patching Tool 3 "info" Command showing multiple patches as "Will be Installed"


  • Patching Tool 3 info command shows multiple patches as "will be installed"


  • Patching Tool 3


  • Keep only the needed patches in the Patches folder
    • For Example: If you have DXP-1 and hotfix-2 installed.  If you receive new hotfix-3, it should be the only hotfix present in the patches folder on install.
  • This is a known issue with the Patch filter logic.  Note, that this issue does not affect the actual logic of patch installation and will not result in accidentally installing multiple hotfixes.
  • This patch filter logic will be fixed in a future release of Patching Tool so that multiple patches can be present in the patches folder, without the info command showing multiple patches as "will be installed"

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