Liferay Workspace Product Key for DXP 7.3 FP2 Incorrectly Labelled SP2


Liferay Workspace contains a product key for dxp-7.3-sp2 even though DXP 7.3 Service Pack 2 has not been released.

When DXP 7.3 fix pack 2 was released, the product key was mistakenly labelled as dxp-7.3-sp2 instead of dxp-7.3-fp2. As a result some customers using Liferay Workspace and DXP 7.3 Fix Pack 2 are using this incorrectly labelled version of the product key.

IMPORTANT: The artifacts downloaded when using the dxp-7.3-sp2 product key are the correct DXP 7.3 Fix Pack 2 artifacts even though the label indicates they are the DXP 7.3 Service Pack 2 artifacts. This issue is merely a labeling issue.


  • Liferay Workspace
  • DXP 7.3 FP2 using product key labelled dxp-7.3-sp2


This should not have any impact on the functioning or operation of your system.

  • If you are using DXP 7.3 Fix Pack 2 with the incorrectly labelled dxp-7.3-sp2 product keybe assured that you have in fact downloaded the correct Fix Pack 2 artifacts. No action is required.
  • If you are on DXP 7.3 Fix Pack 2 with the correctly labelled dxp-7.3-fp2 product key, no action is required.

Also, Liferay will not be releasing a DXP 7.3 SP2 bundle or artifacts. Liferay will skip the SP2 release in order to ensure both the dxp-7.3-sp2 and the dxp-7.3-fp2 product keys function correctly.

  • Therefore whether you have the correct, or incorrectly labelled product key for FP2, no remedy will be required in the future.
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