Application performance comparison between Unicast and Multicast configurations


  • As per the business-specific requirement, modified the configurations by changing from default multicast with unicast clustering. While doing so, how the application performance will be impacted between Unicast and Multicast configurations?


  • Liferay 6.2 


  • There may be a situation where multicast works perfectly but not with unicast and vice versa as well. 
  • By default, the Liferay platform is tailored for enabling Multicast clustering. However for some users when the multicast is enabled, clustering may not work properly if they have not had a setup to handle Multicast communication. Hence, this completely depends on the infrastructure, the architecture, network protocols, cache replication, and so on how it involves. Since this depends on the network protocols, the end-user experience might end up being less than optimal. 
  • In order to monitor the traffic, you may need to configure an external third-party network protocol performance testing tool such as a packet sniffer to ensure that communications on each node on the specific ports are transmitting and receiving correctly.
  • There are specific settings in Liferay that need to be configured to allow Liferay Portal to run in a high availability environment which is covered in the official Liferay documentation and Knowledge Base

Additional Information

  • Unofficial document: Please choose to follow as per your discretion as this is not Liferay documentation.

  • For further assistance about performance tuning parameters from Liferay, please reach out to our dedicated GS team. Your sales representative is a great resource to discover the connectivity with the GS team to know more about it in detail.
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