Instance level LDAP configuration


  • When configuring LDAP authentication from DXP 7.3, the companyId has to be configured on an instance level. This issue can present itself for example during a CI / CD development.


  • DXP 7.3


  • To properly configure the companyId, perform the next steps:
    1. Add the LDAP server configuration in the System Settings using companyId in the config file.
    2. Then, for each instance where you want to enable LDAP, you should create a file.
    3. In these config files, you should specify the companyId of the specific instance
  • For example, if you would like to have companyId=0 for your instance you need to add the config file in:
    1. Your System Settings
    2. Your specific Instance where you would like to use it
    3. And of course your LDAP server




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