MultiSearch Request solution for Liferay


  • Liferay has no out of the box solution for handling MultiSearch Requests.


  • DXP 7.2


  • The Multi-Search API is exposed as a low-level API in Liferay Search's APIs through MultisearchSearchRequest - MultisearchSearchResponse from the bundle.
  • In a nutshell, in order to use it, you have to:
    1. Either use the DXP BOM API  (release.dxp.api) matching with your 7.2 patch level e.g 7.2.10.fp14 (recommended) or use this artifact above (with a version that is suitable for your patch level) directly as a dependency in your module's build.gradle. (Related doc.)
    2. @Reference SearchEngineAdapter in your code like this.
    3. Build and execute a MultisearchSearchRequest like this.
    4. Process the response by using the MultisearchSearchResponse API.


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