Can Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) be set for specific roles only?


  • We want to set up MFA for Administrators only. Is this possible with Liferay out-of-the-box?
  • Can we target specific users to sign in using multi-factor authentication?


  • DXP 7.3   DXP 7.2  


  • Liferay's out-of-the-box functionality for MFA is binary in its application. When activated, multi-factor authentication is applied to all user roles. 

  • In order to have selected individual roles authenticated, a custom or third-party solution would be required.

Additional Information

  • Securing Liferay (MFA)
  • Our Marketplace lists alternate third-party portlets for two-factor authentication usage. Please note that such third-party applications are not supported by Liferay, but by their respective developers.
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