Which is the most convenient tooling to create and build new themes?


  • It is common among users being in doubt about which is the most suitable way to create and build new themes.
  • Two main ways of doing this are available:
    1. Using Liferay Blade or Liferay Developer Studio, which will use Gradle or Maven tasks in turn.
    2. Using the Liferay Theme Generator, which will rely on Gulp tasks.
  • While the first one does not present more requirements than having Liferay Blade or Liferay Developer Studio configured, the second approach needs the NodeJS/NPM stack put in place.


  • Liferay DXP 7.0+


  • Users should use the approach that suits better for them, although considering the following guidelines might help make this decision:
    • The themes within Liferay DXP use the second approach.
    • Although the first approach is older, the second one offer a newer and more updated way to create and build themes.
    • If the development environment does not or cannot have the NodeJS/NPM stack available, then the use of Liferay Blade/Liferay Developer Studio would be the way to go.

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