After installing a new portal with an AdvancedFileSystemStore document_library, the images aren't shown


  • After migrating, upgrading or installing a new portal with an existing database and document library folder using the AdvancedFileSystemStore the images and documents aren't accessible.


  • Liferay DXP (any version)


  • After installing a new portal and copying the document_library to it's new data/document_library folder, if the folder was using the AdvancedFileSystemStore storage type, you must activate the AdvancedFileSystemStore module for it to replace te the default SimpleFileSystemStore.
  • To activate the AdvancedFileSystemStore you must:
    • Add the property to your file.
    • Go to Control Panel > System Settings > File Storage > Advanced Filesystem Store;
    • Change the Root Directory to the location of your document_library folder, if required, and Save the configuration;
  • IMPORTANT: Even if the default Root Folder is correct, you must save the configuration in order to activate the AdvancedFileSystemStore module. If you see the message

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