Startup problems and slowness after installing an Antivirus on the Liferay host machine


After installing an Antivirus on the Liferay host machine, we have detected startup problems and slowness using the Liferay product


  • Liferay DXP 7.0-7.4


Official support policy for antivirus

There are no official guidelines regarding the installation of an antivirus within the server where Liferay is installed.
We are not aware of clients having problems after installing the antivirus.

If you install an antivirus on the Liferay host machine, it is most likely that there will be a loss of performance because the antivirus will intercept the Java process when performing input/output operations.

If you detect strange behaviors after enabling the antivirus, the support service will only attend to problems that are reproduced with the antivirus disabled.

If the problem is only reproduced with the antivirus active, it would be out of the scope of support.

Excluding folders from the antivirus analysis after activating it 

In order to exclude folders to avoid loss of performance, the only thing we can tell you by way of help is that by default, Liferay and the tomcat application server perform read and write operations on the following system directories:

  • LIFERAY_HOME/data/document_library:  Document and multimedia contents (can be configured in other paths)
  • LIFERAY_HOME/osgi/state: OSGI framework working directory (configuration and code cache)
  • LIFERAY_HOME/work: JSPs compiled by Liferay
  • LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat-x.x.x/work: JSPs compiled by Tomcat
  • LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat-x.x.x/temp: temporary files
  • LIFERAY_HOME/logs: log files
  • LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat-x.x.x/logs: log files

It would be up to you to analyze if the files that are written in these folders should be analyzed by the antivirus or if it is safe to exclude them.




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