Add workflow button is not present in Process Builder


Going to Control Panel > Workflow > Process Builder the add button is missing.



Liferay DXP 7.3



This is the expected behaviour since users with permission to edit or publish workflow definitions can add Groovy scripts to the workflow. Access to the scripting engine means access to the server’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Users with permission to publish (or edit) can therefore access any data within the reach of the JVM, such as data contained in a separate Virtual Instance of Liferay DXP.


Because of this far-reaching access, permission to create or edit workflow definitions is limited to Regular Administrators of the Default Virtual Instance. For Liferay DXP customers, Users (e.g., Site Administrators) can also edit and publish workflows with their access to the Kaleo Designer and Kaleo Forms Admin applications.

In order to enable workflow publication access for administrator users in additional Virtual Instances, it can be done under Control Panel > System Settings > Workflow > Workflow Definition.


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