Changes in the fragments are not reflected when they are imported from another site


  • Any changes to the fragment are not reflected on the page when users export the fragment from site-1 and import the exported fragment to site-2.
    Steps to reproduce:
    Note, Automatic propagation for Fragment is enabled 
    1) On Liferay DXP site, create a fragment 'Test Fragment'
    2) On Liferay DXP site, create a content page 'Test'
    3) Open the 'Test' page in Edit mode and add 'Test Fragment' on it and publish it
    4) Navigate to Publishing > Export.
    5) Click on 'plus icon' on top management toolbar for Custom Export.
    6) While Exporting, add a name for export then under the pages section select only the 'Test' page and under content section unselect everything and export it ( no need to select created test fragment)
    7) After exporting, download the lar.
    8) Create a new Site 'Lending stream' and import the above-exported lar file, you can see the existing fragment in it (with the same text)
    9) Now, navigate to Liferay DXP Site > Design > Fragments.
    10) Export the created Fragment ( Test Fragment) by clicking on 3 dots > Export.
    11) After exporting, the zip file will be obtained.
    12) Navigate to Lending stream site > Design > Fragments.
    13) Create a collection, now import the zip file.
    14) Try to make any change to the imported fragment (add some HTML content and publish it)
    15) Navigate to Home > 'Test' Page ( fragment changes are not getting reflected)
    Observed Behavior: Changes made to the Test fragment do not appear on the Lending Stream site.
    Expected Behavior: Changes to the Lending Stream's Test fragment should be reflected on the Test page.


  • Liferay DXP 7.3


  •  The observed behavior is expected DXP behavior with the export/import of fragments.
    • Reason: When the user imports an exported fragment, it creates a new fragment based on the information (HTML) from the exported fragment. Also, in the database, after importing, there are two separate fragment entries that can be seen, which also explain the observed behavior.
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