Partial search not working properly in Site Administration menus


  • Using the Toolbar Search functionality under the menus of Site Administration (such as Web Content, Blogs, Workflow submissions, etc.) will not return records as expected when the asterisk wildcard is in use in conjunction with only a substring of a record and without the first character.
  • One such example is if you have a record that goes:Order 12345
  • If you search for"*12345*", it returns the correct record. However, if you remove the first number from the search and leave everything intact,"*2345*"will not return it.
  • In a similar fashion, if you search for "*Order*", it will return the records, but "*rder*" will not return any of them.
  • Running a reindex does not help.


  • Liferay DXP 7.3


  • As the absence of wildcard search affects all components that are using the Toolbar Search, it is a current limitation of the product.
    Therefore, a Feature Request has been opened accordingly: LPS-152695and you can follow the procedure on that ticket.
  • As a workaround, we can recommend customizing the code in, in the method appendAssetTitleTerm(), a WildcardQuery should be used instead of BooleanQuery, please check the following changes for further reference to help your implementation:
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