English (United States) cannot be removed from the list of available locales


  • This document describes a scenario where English (United States) could not be removed from the list of available locales during the initial setup (also known as the Portal Setup Wizard)
  • In this example, we want to try and set English (Australia) as our default locale, so we prepared the bundle as follows:
    • In portal-ext.properties, include
      • company.default.locale=en_AU 
  • However, when starting up, we see an error (LayoutNameException) and see both English (United States) and English (Australia) in the list of locales, even if English (United States) has been removed.


  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • We will need to add a system-ext.properties to override the existing Liferay system.properties. In this test case, I will be demonstrating how we can perform this action in Tomcat:
    1. Go to ${liferay.home}/tomcat-*/webapps/ROOT/classes
    2. Create a file called system-ext.properties (while we retain the aforementioned portal-ext.properties file)
    3. Include the following properties (in this case, for English (Australia)):
      • user.country=AU
    4. Restart the server
    5. Observe that the Portal Setup Wizard's dropdown only shows English (Australia)


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