The first FreeMarker Engine entry in the list cannot be removed by a user interface control


  • FreeMarker Engine interface has 2 variables: 'Restricted classes' and 'Restricted variables'.
    Open user interface: Control Panel > System Settings> Template Engines > FreeMarker Engine (in DXP 7.4).
    • There is no UI control to remove the first item in the list. Unlike item number 2 and higher,
      the only way to remove the first item is to make it empty using [Backspace] to delete its value.
  • However, the side effect is that users end up with the value of 'Restricted classes' as:
    [, java.lang.ClassLoader, java.lang.Thread]
    where the first value is empty instead of the more reasonable value of:
    [java.lang.ClassLoader, java.lang.Thread]
    • The implementation of this UI is incomplete.


  • Liferay DXP 7.1
  • Liferay DXP 7.2
  • Liferay DXP 7.3
  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • The incomplete UI of the FreeMarker Engine is a known DXP bug that is being addressed by LPS-81539.

Additional Information

  • If the hotfix is required for this issue, please create a support ticket requesting the hotfix by attaching the patch details.
  • Installing Fix Packs and Hotfixes on Liferay DXP will guide to installation of the hotfix in the respective environment.
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