Liferay Enterprise Search Experiences 1.1.0 for DXP 7.3 Release Highlights & Upgrade Instructions


  • Liferay DXP 7.3 Update 14
  • Liferay Enterprise Search Experiences v1.1.0

Release Highlights

With this application release, the following enhancements and bug fixes are available in Liferay Enterprise Search Experiences: Blueprints on DXP 7.3 Update 14+:


LPS-150724 : Improves the Blueprint Creation Experience by adding JSON autocomplete when editing an Element, using the Custom JSON Element, and in the Blueprints Configuration editors.

LPS-150879 : Introduces the following important service and database layer changes to Blueprints and Elements:

  1. Both SXP entities (SXPBlueprint and SXPElement) gain two new fields: "externalReferenceCode" (ERC) and "version".
    • Out-of-the-box (aka. system) elements are populated with unique, deterministic ERCs derived from their default (en_US) titles (for example, BOOST_ALL_KEYWORDS_MATCH).
    • Custom elements receive a randomly-generated ERC.
    • Each Element instance inside a Blueprint includes its ERC.
  2. The fields are set automatically when a new entry is created. The version is incremented with each save.
  3. Why do we need the ERC in Elements?
    • The ERC enables finding and updating specific system Elements (for example, fixing bugs or adding features) throughout the system, even if the JSON is embedded in a Blueprint.
  4. Why do we need the ERC and version in Blueprints?
    • The Element ERC and version fields make it possible to ship upgradeable out-of-the-box Blueprints with SXP in the future. These could be Blueprints that solve a particular common use case or Blueprints required to build a specific functionality.

Bug Fixes

  1. LPS-152791
  2. LPS-152073
  3. LPS-158782
  4. LPS-158873
  5. LPS-162591


  1. LPS-162299

Installation and Upgrade Instructions

This version requires DXP 7.3 Update 14 or higher.

A log message prompting you to run the upgrade process also appears in the console on startup or upon deploying the app LPKG:

2022-10-21 15:51:03.626 WARN  [main][MainServlet:451] Required upgrades in modules are pending. Run the upgrade process or type upgrade:checkAll in the Gogo shell to get more information.

If you don’t execute the module upgrade, you may experience errors when opening the Blueprints or Elements pages from the Product Menu.

A convenient way to run the upgrade process is to enter the following command in the Gogo Shell:


When the upgrade process was executed successfully you'll see log output like this :

2022-10-21 15:56:05.588 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][UpgradeProcess:108] Upgrading
2022-10-21 15:56:06.008 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][UpgradeProcess:122] Completed upgrade process in 420 ms
2022-10-21 15:56:06.021 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][UpgradeProcess:108] Upgrading
2022-10-21 15:56:06.354 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][UpgradeProcess:122] Completed upgrade process in 333 ms
2022-10-21 15:56:06.366 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][UpgradeProcess:108] Upgrading$1
2022-10-21 15:56:06.367 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][BaseExternalReferenceCodeUpgradeProcess:58] Upgrade table SXPBlueprint
2022-10-21 15:56:06.532 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:83] Starting com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.BaseExternalReferenceCodeUpgradeProcess#upgradeExternalReferenceCode
2022-10-21 15:56:06.558 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:44] Completed com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.BaseExternalReferenceCodeUpgradeProcess#upgradeExternalReferenceCode in 26 ms
2022-10-21 15:56:06.559 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][BaseExternalReferenceCodeUpgradeProcess:58] Upgrade table SXPElement
2022-10-21 15:56:06.772 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:83] Starting com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.BaseExternalReferenceCodeUpgradeProcess#upgradeExternalReferenceCode
2022-10-21 15:56:07.034 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:44] Completed com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.BaseExternalReferenceCodeUpgradeProcess#upgradeExternalReferenceCode in 262 ms
2022-10-21 15:56:07.035 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][UpgradeProcess:122] Completed upgrade process$1 in 669 ms
2022-10-21 15:56:07.047 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][UpgradePro cess:108] Upgrading
2022-10-21 15:56:07.054 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:83] Starting com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.UpgradeProcess#alter
2022-10-21 15:56:07.262 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:44] Completed com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.UpgradeProcess#alter in 208 ms
2022-10-21 15:56:07.559 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:83] Starting com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.UpgradeProcess#alter
2022-10-21 15:56:07.717 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:44] Completed com.liferay.portal.kernel.upgrade.UpgradeProcess#alter in 158 ms
2022-10-21 15:56:07.821 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][UpgradeProcess:122] Completed upgrade process in 775 ms
2022-10-21 15:56:07.838 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:83] Starting com.liferay.portal.upgrade.internal.index.updater.IndexUpdaterUtil#updateIndexes#Updating database indexes for
2022-10-21 15:56:08.015 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][BaseDB:713] Dropping stale indexes
2022-10-21 15:56:08.022 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][BaseDB:783] drop index IX_F6C6095A on SXPBlueprint
2022-10-21 15:56:08.049 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][BaseDB:75] Adding indexes
2022-10-21 15:56:08.049 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][BaseDB:99] create unique index IX_7A27FEA3 on SXPBlueprint (companyId, externalReferenceCode);
2022-10-21 15:56:08.094 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][BaseDB:99] create unique index IX_D4D87BCC on SXPElement (companyId, externalReferenceCode);
2022-10-21 15:56:08.152 INFO  [pipe-upgrade:execute][LoggingTimer:44] Completed com.liferay.portal.upgrade.internal.index.updater.IndexUpdaterUtil#updateIndexes#Updating database indexes for in 314 ms

Refer to for details on running module upgrades.

After the upgrade is complete, reindex the SXP entities by opening the global Product Menu and navigating to Control Panel - Search - Index Actions :



Quick Start

To get a testing environment up and running with the new Search Experiences,

  1. Create a local folder structure that can be bind mounted to the DXP container’s system folders for providing the application binary and configuration files:
    • dxp
      ├── data
      ├── deploy
      ├── files/
      ├── Liferay Enterprise Search Experiences 1.1.0.lpkg
  2. Pull DXP's Docker image (make sure it’s 7.3 U14+):
    • docker pull liferay/dxp:7.3.10-u14
  3. Run DXP and mount Search Experiences:
    • docker run -it --network="host" -p 8080:8080 \
      -v "$(pwd)/data:/opt/liferay/data" \
      -v "$(pwd)/files:/mnt/liferay/files" \
      -v "$(pwd)/deploy:/mnt/liferay/deploy" \
      -v "$(pwd)/Liferay Enterprise Search Experiences 1.1.0.lpkg:/opt/liferay/osgi/marketplace/Liferay Enterprise Search Experiences 1.1.0.lpkg" \


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