Analytics Cloud Synced Contact Data configuration cannot be saved in DXP


This issue only impacts the initial DXP and Analytics Cloud configuration. If you have already connected and configured DXP with Analytics Cloud, then data synchronization will continue to function unless you attempt to reconfigure.

When connecting AC to DXP, customers have the option to sync contact data.  After configuring your synced contact data options, the user cannot save the DXP to AC contact sync configuration.

Syncing contact data is what gives personalized context to all of the analytics that Analytics Cloud tracks. Without synced contact data, all traffic in AC will be anonymous and without any known individual identifiers. All personal identifiers will be missing from the analytics data until contacts are synced and anonymous users login again in order to become known individuals.

Note: operating Analytics Cloud without contact sync is an intended use case for anyone interested in anonymous analytics. Contact sync is not required for the operation of Analytics Cloud and is not required in order to receive support.


DXP 7.4 Update 44 and Analytics Cloud


DXP 7.4 Update 45

Updating to Update 45 will resolve this issue and the contacts configuration can be saved. If you are still experiencing this issue or temporarily cannot move to Update 45 please open a support ticket requesting a hotfix for this known issue.

Additional Information

This issue is being tracked by Liferay internally on LRAC-12004.

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