How Can Liferay's WCM Help You?

With Liferay’s WCM you have the ability to create, edit, stage, publish and approve content with easy to learn yet powerful tools. Liferay’s WCM streamlines the content creation process for end users. It’s much faster to use Liferay’s WCM than it would be to create all the content for your site in HTML. Some ways Liferay WCM makes this possible include:

  • Once set up, non-technical users can manage the site.
  • Liferay’s fine-grained permissions system ensures your content gets to the right users.
  • To manage the site, no programming is required.
  • Content can be staged.
  • Content can be passed through a workflow.
  • Content can be published on a schedule.
  • WCM is integrated with Liferay’s services so advanced template developers can use them to query for data stored elsewhere in Liferay.

Once you get familiar with Liferay WCM you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

What Features Does Liferay WCM Have?

Liferay’s WCM has a host of features the makes managing the content of your site easier.

  • WYSIWYG Editor: A complete HTML editor that allow you to modify fonts, add color, insert images and much more.

  • Structure Editor: Easily add and remove fields you want available to content creators and then dynamically move them around. This editor includes an entire suite of form controls you can drag and drop onto your structure.

  • Template Editor: Import template script files that inform the system how to display the content within the fields determined by the structure.

  • Web Content Display: A portlet that allows you place web content on a page in your portal.

  • Asset Publisher: A portlet which can aggregate different types of content together in one view.

  • Scheduler: Lets you schedule when content is reviewed, displayed and removed.

  • Workflow Integration: Run your content through an approval or review process.

  • Staging: Use a separate staging server or stage your content locally so you can keep your changes separate from the live site.

Liferay’s Web Content Management is a powerful and robust tool for creating and organizing content on your web site. Let’s begin by examining some basic concepts involving sites and pages.

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