Introduction to Troubleshooting Customizations

When coding on any platform, you can sometimes run into issues that have no clear resolution. This can be particularly frustrating. If you have issues building, deploying, or running apps and modules, you want to resolve them fast. These frequently asked questions and answers help you troubleshoot and correct problems.

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Why doesn't the package I use from the fragment host resolve? 

Why does my web content break when I refresh the page? 

Some taglibs, such as the liferay-map taglib, have limitations when used in a cacheable template (e.g., FreeMarker and Velocity). For instance, when the liferay-map taglib is used in a cacheable template and the user refreshes the page, the map does not show.

One possible workaround is to disable cache for the template by editing it and unchecking the cacheable option. Alternatively, you can disable cache for all templates by navigating to System SettingsTemplate Engines and setting Resource Modification Check to 0.

As best practice, however, we recommend that you don't use taglibs in cacheable web content.

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