Embedding Portlets in Themes

You may occasionally want to embed a portlet in a theme, making the portlet visible on all pages where the theme is used. Since there are numerous drawbacks to hard-coding a specific portlet into place, the Portlet Providers framework offers an alternative that displays the appropriate portlet based on a given entity type and action.

The first thing you should do is open the template file for which you want to declare an embedded portlet. For example, the portal_normal.ftl template file is a popular place to declare embedded portlets. To avoid problems, it’s usually best to embed portlets with an entity type and action, but you may encounter circumstances where you’ll want to hard code it by portlet name. Both methods are covered in this section. These topics are covered:

  • Embedding a portlet by entity type and action
  • Embedding a portlet by instance name and ID
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