Comparing Patch Levels

If you’re a developer, the Patching Tool can show you what changed between different Liferay DXP patches and versions. These commands show you information about the different patch levels:

patching-tool diff: Prints the differences between two patch levels. At least one stored patch level must be available. This command accepts options for filtering the output:

  • source: Shows the source differences between the two patch levels.
  • files: Shows a list of the modified files.
  • fixed-issues: Shows a list of LPS/LPE issues from our issue tracking system.
  • html: Specify this along with one of the filtering options (source, files, or fixed-issues) and after the patch levels, to write the differences to an HTML file (<stored-name-1>-<stored-name-2>-[type]-diff.html) in the diffs folder. Additions are colored green and deletions are colored red.
  • collisions: Shows a list of modified files which collide with deployed plugins.

For detailed usage information, run patching-tool help diff.

patching-tool store: Manages patching level information for the diff command. Your patches must contain source code to store the patch level and to prepare usable information for the diff command. Here are the store command options:

  • info: Prints the list of patches which make up the stored patch level.
  • add: Stores the patch level that can be found in the patches directory.
  • update: Adds or updates patch level information.
  • rm: Removes previously stored patch level information.

For detailed usage information, run patching-tool help store.

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