Patching Tool Configuration Properties

Here are the Patching Tool configuration properties. See Configuring the Patching Tool for more information on configuring the Patching Tool.

patching.mode: This can be binary (the default) or source if you’re patching a source tree. Patches contain both binary and source patches. If your development team extends Liferay DXP, have them patch their source tree.

patches.folder: Specify where to store patches. The default location is ./patches.

war.path: Specify the location of the Liferay DXP installation inside your application server. Alternatively, you can specify a .war file here, and you can patch a Liferay DXP .war for installation to your application server.

global.lib.path: Specify the location for storing .jar files on the global classpath. If you’re not sure, search for portal-kernel.jar; it’s on the global classpath. This property is only valid if your patching.mode is binary.

liferay.home: Specify the default location for the data, osgi, and tools folders.

source.path: Specify the location of your Liferay DXP source tree. This property is only valid if your patching.mode is source.

Service Pack detection is available behind a proxy server. To configure your proxy, use the following settings, making sure to replace [PROXY_IP_ADDRESS] with your proxy server’s IP address and replace the port numbers with yours:

### Proxy settings



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